Bella's Beginnings

It began with one camera, one lens, and one reflector. Recently divorced, Kelly Billington needed to rethink and reprioritize. As a stay-at-home mom, she was faced with the difficult choice of reentering the work world and sending her two young children (and most of her paycheck) to daycare. Armed with talent, determination, and a little bit of desperation, Billington decided to pursue her passion and begin a home-based photography business. She turned the front room of her tiny two bedroom rental into her “studio” and Bella Baby Photography was born.

Friends and acquaintances knew Billington was a gifted photographer and word-of-mouth quickly spread that her photos were different -- special. Using natural light and focusing on faces and close-ups, Billington’s photos of babies and children were unique and beautiful. What began out of necessity because of her cramped workspace developed into a photography style that captured the exquisite details and true essence of her tiny subjects.

A self-taught photographer, with no business experience, Billington had the drive and the talent to turn her home-based business into something much larger. Recognizing that all new parents want to capture those precious first moments, Billington realized she could bring a fresh perspective to hospital portraiture. Comfortable working in confined spaces, she knew she was up to the challenge of shooting in a hospital setting. She was confident that parents would fall in love with her unique images. So Billington set out to persuade hospitals that her personal, photojournalistic approach was far superior to the standard "mug shots" typically used in maternity wards.

Her personal approach –- combined with her exceptional portfolio -- paid off. She soon signed her first hospital contract. As her reputation grew, many additional hospitals signed on. The rest, as they say, is history. Because of Kelly Billington’s passion and drive, Bella Baby Photography is the premier face of hospital portraiture, creating treasured memories throughout the country.